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Privacy Policy

Contact information including email address, telephone number, address, etc. which is provided by the user is used solely for the purpose of completing the order. This includes information pertaining to gift recipients. Financial information including credit card numbers, expiration dates, billing address is used solely to bill the customer for their order.

Company Policy

At 20dollareyeglasses.com we are dedicated to providing the best in personal customer service. We work hard to make sure every order meets with your satisfaction. If there is ever a problem, go to our Customer Support page and our staff will be happy to assist you. Be especially careful when entering the values for sphere, cylinder, and axis. Select the proper sign (+) or (-) when entering the values. If your prescription is not found in the drop-down boxes, contact us and we will fill the prescription by fax or email. We are not responsible for prescriptions entered incorrectly. If you are unsatisfied with your product, simply send an e-mail and we will arrange for return of the product and a refund to your account. Product must be returned in original condition within 30 days of delivery for refund. You may visit our Repairs/Returns page for more information. If you still have questions you can always contact our professional optician staff with any concerns you may have.

Terms of Use

  • All customers must be 18 years of age or older.
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  • These terms do not supplant any other rights provided by law.
  • Sale and delivery of all merchandise is dependent upon availability. Customers will be notified if any order cannot be completed.
  • Customers will only be charged for products delivered plus pertinent shipping and handling.
  • Placing an order constitutes acceptance of these Terms. Customer understands these Terms supercede oral or written terms created prior to the time of order.
  • Any agreement with any of our agents, employees and/or representatives is not binding if the terms of that agreement is not consistent with these Terms.
  • We cannot be held liable for any alteration, addition or deletion unless the alteration, addition, or deletion is approved in writing by $20.00Eyeglasses.com.
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  • We will try to accurately provide products as requested by the customer, however there may be minor variations to the descriptions and/or specifications of the products do to manufacturer changes and/or backorders.
  • All pictures and photographs on this website are for illustration only and may not exactly match the products.
  • Your prescription and Pupillary distance MUST be included in your order. Orders cannot be filled without this information. The means to obtain this information is included on the How to order FAQ - 5 ways to request your PD page.
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