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Adult eyeglasses start at just $20 with lenses and frames
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How To Order FAQ

Ordering Eyeglasses from is as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Choose Online or Fax
Once you find the eyeglasses you want, click on the "Click here to order" button below the product. Choose to fill out your prescription online, or print out our form and send by fax.

Step 2: Fill out your contact, prescription and PD information
Complete your contact and/or prescription and PD information, then click the "Submit" button.

Step 3: Choose your color, type and options
Choose the color of your frames, then choose the type of eyeglasses you need (Reading, Driving, Lined Bifocal or Progressive), then choose any special lens treatments (Polycarbonate, Super Thin 1.67 lenses, Anti-Glare Lens Coating, Polarized Sunglasses, or Sun Activated Color Changing Lenses). Click here for more information. Then just add to cart and checkout!

How to Properly Enter Your Prescription

  • Use the sample prescription form below as a reference.
  • Use Extreme Care when completing the order form. Compare it to the numbers on your written prescription before submitting your order.
  • The abbreviation OD means right eye; OS means the left eye. If your prescription does not have these abbreviations, the prescription for the right eye is on the top, (read from left to right) and the prescription for the left eye is on the bottom.
  • Please note that the values can have (+) or (-) signs. These must be included as they appear on the written prescription.
  • We will accurately fabricate the eyeglasses based on the values submitted in the form above.
  • All prescriptions have a "sphere" ("SPH") value for each eye.
  • Your prescription may or may not have values for "cylinder" ("CYL") and "AXIS", if you do have a cylinder value, there is definitely an axis (you either have both or none of them).
  • The value for "ADD" is required for persons needing reading glasses, Lined Bifocals, or No-Line Progressive lenses.

You can select your prescription from the drop-down boxes on the order form. Be especially careful when entering the values for sphere, cylinder, and axis. Select the proper sign (+) or (-) when entering the values. If your prescription is not found in the drop-down boxes, contact us and we will fill the prescription by fax or email. We cannot be held responsible for prescriptions entered incorrectly.

Sample form

Rt Eye (OD)
Rt Eye(OD)
Rt Eye (OD)
Rt Eye (OD) ADD:
For Lined Bifocal,Progressive, or Reading Glasses
Lt Eye (OS)
Lt Eye (OS)
Lt Eye (OS)
Lt Eye (OS) ADD:
For Lined Bifocal,Progressive, or Reading Glasses

Printable form

If you wish to have a printable version of this form to bring to you doctor, or to fill out and fax to us, you can click here to download the PDF version of the Prescription Form which you can print out.

Sample prescription

Sample of an eyeglass prescription

You Can Get a Copy of Your Eyeglass Prescription in One of 4 Ways:


  • Have Your Eyes Examined Every Year: It is recommended that everyone has their eyes examined every year. Some people may require more frequent visits. Your doctor will recommend a schedule that's right for you. Your eye doctor is required to provide you with a written copy of your eyeglass prescription at the completion of your exam. If the doctor forgets, simply request one.
  • Request One From Your Optician: The office that made your previous pair(s) of eyeglasses is required to retain a copy of your prescription for seven years. Even though we recommend using a prescription that's one year old or less, you can use an older one if you wish.
  • Send it to Us: Send us a pair of your most recent eyeglasses. We can copy your prescription and PD off of your favorite pair and create a new pair with the same prescription. We will return the glasses to you with your new order. Enclose a paper with your name, address, phone number and email (if applicable) and with the word “Duplicate” in the package with your old eyeglasses. We recommend insuring your package at the post office. We are not responsible for loss or damage during shipping.
  • Let Us Call Your Doctor: If all else fails, simply complete the sections on the Order Form asking for your Eye Doctor's name and phone number. We will arrange for the doctor's office to mail or fax a copy of your prescription directly to us!

How to Properly Enter Your PD (PUPILLARY DISTANCE)


PD (PUPILLARY DISTANCE) Is Very Important. You Can Request This Value From Your Eye Doctor at the Time of the Examination OR From Your Optician Anytime Afterward. If You Cannot Obtain these Values, the PD Can Also be Read Off a Previous Pair of Eyeglasses for the Same Patient. Simply Mail the Glasses to Us. We Will Take the Information and Return the Glasses with Your Order. If You Have Only One Value for Your "PD", Use the Top Box Only. If You Have Two Values, Use Both Boxes.

PD Example

If Your PD is 63, simply press the arrow on the TOP Drop-Down Box and select the 63.
If Your PD is Listed as 33 / 32, then select 33 in the TOP
Drop-Down Box, and 32 in the BOTTOM Drop-Down Box.

There are 5 ways to request your PD (PUPILLARY DISTANCE)

  • You can request the PD measurement from your doctor at the time of your eye examination.
  • You can request the PD measurement from any optician that has made eyeglasses for you.
  • The PD measurement can me read off a previous pair of eyeglasses for the same patient. Send us the old glasses.
  • Example of how to measure your PD with a ruler and a photo
  • You can email a photo of yourself while holding a foot long ruler horizontally to your nose. This image will then be used in an equation to determine your PD. Be sure the image is distant enough to show your entire face along with the ruler, but still close enough to clearly see the lines and numbers on the ruler (see our example to the right). Be sure the ruler does not obscure our view of your eyes. Second Email the picture to with your name, address, phone number and email.
  • Download the PDF version of the Rx Form mentioned above, print it out and bring it to your doctor.

Note: If you have only one value for your “PD”, use the first box. If you have two values, use both boxes.

If you have any further questions you can visit our Customer Support page for contact information.

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