At your satisfaction is guaranteed. We offer a risk free 30 day money back guarantee on our complete collection of eyeglass frames and
prescription lenses. With our professional optician support, and most adult prescription eyeglasses starting at $20 complete, our quality eye wear speaks for itself.
Most Adult Eyeglasses Start At Just
$20 complete
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Adult eyeglasses start at just $20 with lenses and frames
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Risk free 30 day money back guarantee
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About is dedicated to providing excellent quality eye wear at exceptionally low prices. We offer the highest level of service, a large selection of eye wear and the most competitive prices. We base our operation on the following six criteria:

  • Providing high-quality low-cost eyewear to patients who need it as a primary pair
  • To provide 24-hour accessibility 7 days a week for our customers
  • To offer an outlet for obtaining additional pairs of eyeglasses after using their eye care benefits
  • To offer professional customer service
  • Guaranteed craftsmanship
  • Money-Back guarantee
  • Building strong customer relationships

Risk Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

At we work hard to make sure every order meets with your satisfaction. Our professional staff of opticians prepares and checks every order for accuracy and quality craftsmanship before shipment. If there are any questions, our optician staff will contact you directly to ensure your order is correct. In the unlikely event that you are ever unsatisfied with any product, simply email our customer service within 30 days of delivery and we will arrange for the return of the product and a full refund to your account. That is our risk free guarantee to you, no questions asked. We proudly stand behind our guarantee to ensure our customers come back time and time again. To receive your refund, the product must be returned in original condition within 30 days of delivery. Be sure to return the item in the same manner in which you received it. Your account will be credited once your package is received. If you would like to know more, our trained customer service staff is happy to answer with any concerns you may have.

Repairs and Returns

If you have lost an item from your glasses like a nosepad, spring, screws, etc. and would like to have the lost items replaced, you need to contact our customer service and they will provide you with a list of available options. If your frames have become broken or damaged, you can contact our customer service to discuss your options but in most cases, you’ll just order the glasses again through our website. If you need to return an item for adjustment, or defect you must contact our customer service department so they can evaluate your specific needs and provide you with a list of the best available options. IMPORTANT: If there is extensive damage to the package when it arrives, you should refuse the order if at all possible. If you receive damaged or incorrect product, contact our customer service immediately so we can address the situation. Please be sure to enter your prescription very carefully. cannot be held responsible for using information that was supplied to them incorrectly by the customer.


When you purchase your eye wear from, you’ll be benefiting from years and years of experience. The company is owned and operated by opticians and optometrists boasting over 55 years of professional optical expertise. We are fully aware of what people want and what they require, and we are absolutely dedicated to giving them both. Our customers keep on coming back, so we must be doing something right.

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All eyeglasses include:
  • FREE Case
  • Durable Fashion Frames
  • Low $6.95 Shipping (USA only)
  • Comfortable and Light Weight
  • Direct Support from Our Opticians
  • Top Quality and Accuracy
  • All Orders Processed in the USA
  • Complete Satisfaction
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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